Israeli prime minister pollster issued stern warning against the Obama administration

A number of New York Democrats, which includes Hillary Rodham Clinton, have been issued a dire warning by a top GOP pollster and renowned strategist for newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that they “will spend a heavy price” at the election results next year if they do not halt President Obama’s policies on Israel and reject any deal he inclines to do with Iran.

John McLaughlin,  the GOP New York-based national strategist and pollster informed  The Post, “Hillary Clinton, Senator Chuck Schumer, Reps Steve Israel, Nita Lowey,  Eliot Engel, Jerry Nadler among others, are slated to get a new bout of anxiety from Republicans on whether or not they agree with Obama on Israel.

“You’re bound to have Republicans running for president, the Senate, for Congress next year supporting Israel and vowing to eradicate any dealings Obama tends to form with Iran and challenging the Democrats to do the very same,’’ stated McLaughlin, who along with his brother, runs McLaughlin and Associates.

McLaughlin was with Netanyahu at the Israeli leader’s residence in Jerusalem the night of his feat earlier this month, and he expressed the GOP thrust would be predominantly sturdy in profoundly Jewish voting localities in the city, Westchester and Lengthy Island.

“A lot of New York Democrats are going to have to decide if they back Israel, our strongest ally in the globe, or a White Property that has created a mess of the Middle East and threatens to do to Israel what they’ve just accomplished to Yemen,’’ contended McLaughlin.

“Security is going to be the foremost trial for the extent of the presidential race next year and if President Obama continues to appease Iran, appear weak in the face of terrorism, and jeopardize the safety of Israel, the Democrats in New York and nationally will pay a heavy price,’’ he continued.

State GOP Chairman Ed Cox cited the situation of Israel “means we can win the Jewish vote in New York City in 2016. This challenge is going to make a very exhilarating race.’’

McLaughlin clientele which consists of the Republican National Committee, six incumbent senators and 22 members of Congress, anticipated that Clinton would soon announce her bid for the presidency and then eventually break with Obama’s Middle East strategies, but only after it was also late for the president to back an unlikely Democratic contender against her.


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