Kids with psychological disorders can hang around for over three years to be evaluated

As stated in a report, kids with psychological health disorders can expect for over three years to be evaluated and almost two years to be able to be given treatments.

The Times newspaper’s Freedom of Information requests was passed and discovered that since 2012, the longest wait for the initial recommendation to be properly evaluated was at the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, wherein this single case took three years and 20 weeks.

A kid waited about a year and almost 42 weeks- this was discovered at the South London and Maudsley Trust, which is believed to be the longest wait from being evaluated to receiving treatment.

“Children’s and adolescent mental health services are creaking at the seams as they are being hit with increased referrals at the same time as cutbacks to their services,” says Sarah Brennan, chief executive of the charity Young Minds.

According to reports regarding 26 psychological health trusts, there was an increase of over 6 percent of the number of kids being admitted to psychological health service between the years 2013 and 2014. In several incidents, kids had to take a trip for hundreds of miles from one trust to another for the reason of not having enough beds.

“It’s completely unacceptable for children and young people to wait years for treatment sometimes hundreds of miles from home — we wouldn’t accept this for physical health,” says Norman Lamb, care and support minister.

According to him the Administration was spending £1.25bn to get better care and bring an utmost waiting period of 18 weeks for treatment.

The Sussex trust expressed its most extended waits as “unacceptable” but stated its standard waiting period last year was just 9 weeks.

According to South London trust its standard waiting period for evaluations was 25 days. Nevertheless, it said there were “pressures” on psychological health services for kids and stated “increased investment in specialist inpatient services” was required.




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