Nano-silver is toxic to mammalian liver and could develop resistance to antibiotic

To act in accordance to the United States peak environmental agency’s decision to start regulating the use of nano-sized silver in everyday products, the Health campaigners heightened their calls for Australia to set about doing it as well.

A review-and-approve regime for the use of nano-silver was approved to be initiated by the US Environmental Protection Agency following the conflicts that was brought to court with food safety advocates this late March . Jeremy Tager who is friends of the Earth campaigner has persistently persuaded Australian authorities to do the same , indicating the increasing number of food and supermarket products using of nano material.

It is known that nano-silver is being used globally in food including infant feeding bottles bottles , cutting boards, salad containers , cooking wares and cutlery. Yet Mr Tager said that the study had found that nano-silver could develop resistance to antibiotics and could be poisonous to mammalian liver , stem and brain cells , while the European Commission added that it can also harm the environment.

“It is extraordinary that the agency charged with regulating food and protecting human health is allowing these products on the market while admitting they know nothing about their health impacts. It is time they stopped putting business first and put public safety first instead,” he said.
Professor Michael Cortie , a nanotechnolgy expert of the University of Technology , Sydney , had said “Nano-silver … is an effective remedy for some otherwise intractable bacterial infections. Again, the issue is not whether a substance is ‘nano’ or not, but rather whether it is being appropriately used . “
“A blanket ban on the use of human-made ‘nanoparticles’ or ‘nanomaterials’ is nonsensical. Rather, as is always the case, each substance introduced into the food chain needs to assessed rationally and on its own merits.”
Nanomaterials are usually 100, 000 times less than the width of a human hair which can also be used to enhance taste, texture and how the food would look .


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