ETs do exists and Communicating with them is a great possibility , SETI

We’ve been hearing about ETs, or Extra Terrestrial beings, and the possibility of their existence do commend truth, since, ‘I don’t know when.’ As the name (ET) suggests, they are  creatures probably living outside or beyond our planet, Earth. Getting to know them, as astronomers have always wanted to, quite sounds interesting.

These astronomers, for too long a time, have been curious in knowing whether or not there really is another planet like the Earth where creatures, or aliens as they are specifically termed, live. May we just ignore or disregard the importance of their ambitions but on the other hand, accept the fact that scientists have devoted half of this century for the purpose of discovering extra-terrestrial civilizations. All these efforts have led most of them to believe that there is no such thing as an ET.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science had its annual meeting last month where discussions pertinent to the issue were brought up.  Scientists from the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute who paid little attention to prior researches which were aimed at inferring the existence of ET, were present during the said meeting .

To disregard previous researches may not be the intention of these scientists from the institute, maybe they were just trying to imply that in case extra-terrestrial beings do really exist, what will be the next necessary steps the astronomers shall take; and, are they really necessary?

SETI scientists expressed that they will make the move to try to communicate with extra-terrestrial creatures. Meaning, they argued that the pursuit of ET should not be stopped, but instead, just change the manner of pursuing.

SETI reveals its plans to accomplish interaction with passive alien through project “Active SETI.” This project aims to send out signals as a way for these creatures to take notice of the intention to make contact with them.

Douglas A. Vakoch, the director of SETI’s interstellar message composition, stated that, “the signaling of our intention to make contact is what it should take to trigger a response.” So, “the most critical reason to add Active SETI to our search strategy is that this may be the right strategy that lets us make contact,” he stresses.


Scientists at the SETI Institute have been doing efforts making contact with ET for quite sometime already; in fact, it took them three decades of striving just to listen and get signals from outer space. However, these researchers have failed to detect the signals they so desperately desired to hear. Probably this is the reason why SETI wants to do it the other way around.

SETI’s plans were not appreciated by all though. The counter arguments claimed that, “it is too risky to expose ourselves.” This is how Dr Seth Shostak from SETI Institute replied to the fears: “A lot of people are against Active SETI because for them it is too dangerous. It is like shouting in the jungle without knowing what is out there; so, why do it after all. If you incite the aliens to efface or destroy the planet, you would not want that on your tombstone, right?”


To date, the scientists are looking forward to highlight the concrete plan for Active SETI. They are saying that, “Let’s just do away with the uncertainties and instead, embrace the feeling that it would be an amazing experience to listen from aliens — after all, we have always loved seeing them in the world of movies. Haven’t we?”




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