In 2018, Mr. Hubble will be 28 years old: Time for a well-earned rest sir, and thanks for those Wonderful memories

A highly modernize James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled by NASA to replace the Hubble Telescope in 2018.  According to NBC News, the slated date of replacement in 2018 appears to be on schedule, and this new era in space exploration will prove to be undoubtedly very rewarding.

Scientists are confident they will be able to discover more about the universe with this modern technological giant, with the James Webb Space Telescope costing around $8.8 billion dollar. reported that although the project is on track, the testing phase is still ahead.   Schedules tend to fall behind usually during this phase.  “The JWST project continues to report that it remains on schedule and budget with its overall schedule reserve currently above its plan.  However, the project is now entering a difficult phase of development – integration and testing – which is expected to take another 3.5 years to complete.” Christina Chaplain of the United States Government Accountability Office said.

The US not only spearheaded many international projects such as International Space Station, but has one of the most advanced space programs in the world.  John Mather a Nobel Prize winner and one of the scientists working on the project, says, “We are an exceptional country for even dreaming up something like Webb, and we are close to seeing this dream realized.”

Scientists still have much to learn about the workings of the universe.  They are optimistic the telescope may be able to aid them in the learning process of the origins of the universe, as the telescope will be able to beam back amazing images of the universe around it.

To be positioned about 932,000 miles from Earth, the JWST will be equipped to be loaded with different sorts of scientific apparatus.  It is equipped with a sun shield the size of a tennis court which will help keep the instruments cool enough to perform their operations. With the extremely advanced paraphernalia on the telescope, scientist are hoping to gather knowledge that has never before been attainable, including the possibility of locating  other planets with life forms on them.

The James Webb Space Telescope Notorious is notorious for delays of schedule and for costing a lot more than expected. However, John Grunsfield of NASA said, “This next great space observatory, and indeed the world’s most powerful planned space telescope, is within budget and on track to meet its October 2018 readiness launching date.”


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