The Beginning of Cosby Rehabilitation? Bill Hasn’t Lost His Touch and Remains Calm Underfire

Bill Cosby’s impact was great to the point that an affirmed casualty of the considerable humorist says she didn’t come forward in the past in light of the fact that she would not like to let the black American down.

“You will be eaten alive, and for what? The black community is not going to support you.”

Cosby was at the show and the corridor was topped off with numerous white faces alongside African Americans in the room. Cosby started the show with a high standard material, stories of his growing up and tough love. He said that he wanted to squeeze coins from the congregation to purchase dessert.

All of a sudden from the crowd a man yelled, you’re a rapist Bill!” The crowd got to be mindful to the shouter and requested a reaction from Cosby. Cosby at first disregard him and tended to the group of onlookers rather than him saying, “Just remain calm. We are here to enjoy my gift. We are not here to argue. Let those people speak. We will find them and ask them to leave.”

After security located that man, they escorted him out of the corridor and Cosby continued the show telling stories of immature battling with his sibling and managing the voices in his mind.

Cosby has not changed much since the charges that have generally resounded all around the globe a couple of months back.

In later piece of the show Cosby began talking on the topic of marriage. He said that ladies dependably rule ladies. The gathering of people was delighted by his understanding and they continued snickering.

One of the young ladies from the crowd says Cosby was a rapist. She indicated solidarity with the casualties of Cosby that had approached in the previous few months. She added that it was terrible to see that we overlook over heaps of ladies saying that they were casualties of Cosby saying accepting that every one of them were lying.






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