Synthesized Cells: Help produce natural insulin your body, the best way in treating type 1 diabetis

Patients with type 1 diabetes wont have to depend on insulin injections with what the team of Australian researchers have uncovered . The team have come up with a new and better way to counter problems with type 1 diabetic patients by synthesizing cells that produce the hormone insulin . The first artificial pancreas that will soon be introduced to the world will be using the cells . The US biotechnology company PharmaCyte Biotech had given their permission for the team to obtain the license .

In type 1 diabetes , an autoimmune disease , patients have problems with their blood glucose regulation since the islet cells of their pancreas are attacked by their immune system .

The new cells that are created are called the Melligen cells which were taken from the human liver cells. The liver and the pancreas are as studied to be composed from the same primordial cells which is what they use to genetically modify and make it work as the insulin-producing cells which is the islet cells.

The outcome was the display of the GM Melligen cells releasing insulin as a response of glucose in the surroundings . The researchers were pleased with the results which showed their findings had been very successful that they finally announced that they could help patients with type 1 diabetics to lessen their dependency on their daily insulin injections providing them with the most natural way of having their blood sugar regulated with the cells

The Melligen cells are to be contained in thte Cell-in-a-box capsule. It’s size is just about the same as a pin head which will be a cellulose- based capsule that holds cells within then fuses them into the human body.

The next step that researchers are going to work on will require the artificial transplant of the pancreas into animals . Eventually, the challenge of testing it on humans will be made possible and successful as well.




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