Giant ‘Potentially Hazardous’ Asteroid speeding Toward Earth

An asteroid over a large portion of a mile wide is situated to take off past Earth on Friday, however astronomers say earthlings have nothing to panic about.

The asteroid, assigned as 2014 YB35, won’t be getting closer than 4.5 million km (2.8 million miles) — around 11.7 times the distance of the moon.

Yet its sufficiently enormous for the Minor Planet Center to characterize it as a “potentially hazardous asteroid” since it would result in collateral damage if it did come colliding into our planet.

An asteroid this size could discharge energy same to a thousand of the biggest atomic bombs, creating crushing harm several miles around. Contingent upon where it arrived, it’d bring on huge quakes, tsunamis, firestorms and other natural disasters thought to have wiped out dinosaurs around 65 million years back.

In January, a space rock assigned as 2004 BL86, was one of the biggest to pass near to the Earth in numerous year

Shutting in at 745,000 miles away amid its nearest approach, or 3.1 times the separation of the moon, 2004 BL86 skimmed past Earth without show. Rather, it gave an awesome opportunity to Scientists at NASA’s Deep Space Network reception apparatus in Goldstone, Calif., and at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico to take in more space rocks utilizing radar-created pictures.

This won’t be the last time we see 2014 YB35. It’ll make another return in 2023, however this time at just nine moon separates away.



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    How is 4.5 million kilometers anywhere near us? i think we should’t even think about it. I thought you are talking about 4.5 kilometers

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