Baby Amelia Jones Allegedly Bludgeoned to Death by her Own Grandfather

Mark Jones, 45, is standing trial accused of murdering five-week-old Amelia Rose Jones who was suffered a significant brain damage.

The baby was in the sole care of her grandfather on the night of 17 November 2012 when her mother was enjoying a night out with her sister at the cinema.

On that night, the baby was rushed to Royal Gwent Hospital after Mr. Jones made a worried 999 call saying his granddaughter had simply stopped breathing.

She was quickly moved for specialist treatment at University Hospital Wales in Cardiff where she tragically died on the afternoon of 19 November from “catastrophic brain injuries” just 41 days into her short life.

Heard in Newport Crown Court, Amelia’s death was due to lack of oxygen to the brain, because of severe bleeding caused by serious head trauma which is believed to have occurred within a matter of days before her death.

Doctors conducted a postmortem after Amelia’s death and found out that she had suffered multiple fractures to her ribs, legs and skull in the two weeks before her death.

Pathologist Dr Deryk James provided an evidence at the trial stating that the bruising and the skull fracture tell us there has been a significant impact. And the presence of blood to the back of the eyes are strongly associated with a severe head injury.

He added a justification that when you get a severe head injury, one of the complications is stopping of breathing and stopping of heartbeat will follow.

Dr James considered the blunt head injury had been caused up to two days before Amelia’s admission to hospital but also noted fractures to her ribs and leg bones which had occurred one or two weeks before her death.

A firm yes was the answer of Dr. James when asked by prosecutor Paul Lewis if the blunt head injury had directly caused Amelia’s death.

The court was also informed about the night when her life support device was turned off because she had suffered from significant brain damage from which she would never recover.

A statement from pediatric intensive Care unit at the University Hospital Wales by Dr. Catherine Fardy, said that Amelia remained unresponsive and suffered from deep seizures.

“Our focus had to be ensuring Amelia’s comfort and not prolonging her suffering.

“Her parents understood we would turn off ventilation support and Amelia was certified dead at 1.05pm on November 19.”

However, Mr Jones denies her murder.

He had variation of stories during police interviews conducted between November 2012 and July 2014, after his arrest.

The trial continues at Newport Crown Court.


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