Three Workers Terminated after a Detainee Suicide incident at Waterford Hospital

Three Eastern Health workers have been terminated after the suicide of a detainee at the Waterford Hospital not long ago. Kerry Murray was moved to the Waterford Hospital for treatment in the wake of hinting at harm toward himself at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary. Murray’s legal advisor, Bob Buckingham, says his clientele committed suicide on Friday, 13th March, while in guardianship at the Waterford’s Forensic Unit.

Today, David Diamond, Esdtern Health CEO said the health authority takes the “unexpected death” of Murray genuinely. It has been resolved that there were non-conformities from established policies and procedures paving the way to Murray’s suicide, which Diamond says is an extraordinary matter of worry toward the health authority.

In the wake of talking to staff, doctors, and different patients and investigating patient charts and security tapes, three individuals were discharged from their positions from Eastern Health. Diamond says the Health Authorities would not allow neglect for built protocols.

The outcomes of this preparatory examination were disclosed to Murray’s family today. His demise was accounted for to the RNC, and the Chief Medical Examiner discovered that his demise was not suspicious in nature. The VP of the Mental Health and Addictions Program, Beverly Clarke, stated that there will be an audit of policies and procedures and inside the system, particularly into the program’s forensic service.

Murray was in custody in the wake of being blamed for expressing dangers and breaking states of a peace bond against his ex-wife by sending her instant messages. The 39-year-old was experiencing post traumatic anxiety issue in the wake of being genuinely attacked in prison amid his last imprisonment. Initially from Alberta, Murray was sentenced to five years in 2007 for theft and possession of a weapon.

Security should be highly enhanced in places like these. Things like these should never happen at all.



  1. Onefeather says

    The person who died brought this on his self. Don’t blame someone else because he killed himself, he was in prison and He must have done something to get their and then had a bad experience. PUT the Blame where it belongs on Himself. Health workers and Hospitals are not parents to a 39 year old person. Where was his family if they were so concerned about him. This is just another blame everyone for someone for someone doing something stupid.

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