Assisted Suicide is Now Legal in the Golden State

On Wednesday, a bill submitted by a commission of the state Senate legalizes physician-assisted suicide for incurable sick patients in California.

The Senate Health Committee submitted the bill that’s permitting patients who have less than six months to survive and who psychologically capable to acquire recommendations for medicine to finish their lives.

State Senator Lois Wolk, a Democrat in lieu of suburbs east of San Francisco and the state’s wine country and one of the bill’s authors, said “This end-of-life decision should remain with the individual, as a matter of personal freedom and liberty without criminalizing those who help to honor our wishes.”

Last fall, the passing away of a brain cancer patient Brittany Maynard flashed community’s interests in the subject of assisted suicide while the California bill is going throughout parliament.

Maynard who was identified with brain cancer at the age of 29, transferred from California to Oregon where physician assisted suicide is authorized, dying there for the reason that California prohibits it.

On Wednesday, Maynard recorded statement before she passed away in support of submitting such a bill in California.

Maynard said “I am heartbroken that I had to leave behind my home, my community, and my friends in California, but I am dying and I refuse to lose my dignity. I refuse to subject myself and my family to purposeless, prolonged pain and suffering at the hands of an incurable disease.”

Disability rights activists are against the bill, who worry it would result to the losses of helpless public at the hands of deceitful caregivers or families.

They also worry the insurance businesses will force assisted suicide for those whose care is pricey.

Laurie Hoirup 59, who’s using a wheelchair said, “I’ve been given a terminal diagnosis at least four times. Had I opted for this I would not be alive today.”

Some religious clusters too are against the bill.

If the bill is approved, California would turn out to be one of the few U.S. states that are permitting assisted suicide, as well as Washington and Oregon. The Supreme Court of Canada emptied the way for physician-assisted suicide there last month. Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands are amongst nations that permit it.

The five votes required in passing the Health Committee were succeeded by the California bill. However, associates did not speak out a finishing total as non-attending senators intended to think about it on Wednesday.




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