Sea lion Pups in California are Rescued by Canadian Volunteers

Sea lion pups are all over the place in the beaches of California being washed ashore and helpless without their mothers. The sudden change in the water temperature is believed to be the cause of the pups being separated by their mothers.

A group of Canadian volunteers is going on a successive trip to California to look into the problem helping the devastated volunteers who are working in animal shelters across the state . The year 2015 has reportedly been the highest to have seen more than 1,500 sea lion pups washed ashore needed to be fed and taken care of. This problem urged volunteers from the Vancouver Aquarium to travel at their own expense to California to help in rehabilitating as many sea lion pups back to health as they could with all the efforts they could contribute.

There had also been experts from Vancouver’s Marine Mammal Rescue Center who are giving their extra time in California to help other volunteers who are working up to 15 hours a day caring for the sick pups.

The rate of pups that were washed ashore this year had increased to five times than of other years. Experts are convinced that the problem came from the unusual change of water temperature which may have forced the mothers to swim away and leaving their pups behind in the need of finding food.

Vancouver volunteers have announced that the number of pups that need help are increasing and in desperate need of any support that can be given. A veterinary technologist from Vancouver Sion Cahoon , has already gone to California and calling out for more assistance since the sea lion pups that need rescue are continuing to grow in numbers . Cahoon is convinced that it is the most crucial time for all rescue centers across North America to team up and combine efforts to handle the problem successfully and competently.

Within a few more weeks, there will be ten more skilled sea life experts from Vancouver who will travel to California and do whatever they can to help the team of committed rescuers who are already based in the area.





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