The Battle with Cancer Continues, But Leah Still Is Winning it, her Dad Shared.

 The cancer of the sweet little angel of Devon Still has continued to get better. Still, a Cincinnati Bengals player was very happy to announce today.

Leah, his 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with a neuroblastoma last June 2 which was on stage 4. The doctors, however told him today about the encouraging news which he shared on his Instagram account announcing to the world that it was the happiest day of his life.

“After 296 days of day dreaming about what it would feel like to hear the doctors say my daughter is in remission, I finally know the feeling,” he wrote. “Funny thing is there is really no way of describing it because I never knew this feeling existed. When I look at my daughter all I can do is smile and hug her.”

Still had been sacked from the team. He’s only 25 years old. When the management of Cincinnati Bengals team realized that his daughter had a stage 4r cancer, they took him back in to their practice squad. He must have performed well that not before long he was placed back in the active list.

Leah underwent surgery and was given chemotherapy after the doctors found out that she has a cancerous growth in her abdomen, according to The Associated Press. .

.People warmed up to Leah, who was invited to grace last December when the Bengals presented the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with a check donation of over $1m for its cancer research program. She was also one of the models who walked the rampart of the New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in February.

Still declared that he’s  very proud of his daughter. She battled the cancer face to face and “kicked the cancer’s butt.” He expressed his appreciation to her doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the Bengals, everyone who gave their support who extended their unending support to his daughter.

Leah is still undergoing cancer treatment but he knows that his “little warrior” will not give in.

“She has made an impact on me and on the world, at the age of four, that I can only wish to make in a lifetime,” he wrote.



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