Mars Discoveries that Support Life: Methane, Dried Up Ocean of Water and Now Nitrogen

Methane has been discovered in Mars already. And now the Curiosity rover has discovered another substance which is no other than nitrogen.

Published in this week’s paper, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, iodized nitrogen has been discovered in the samples collected from the three areas located in Gale Center. “The samples contained more nitrogen than could be accounted for from known terrestrial instrument sources, with the bulk of the nitrogen in the form of nitric oxide,” scientists wrote in a summary of their research.

9The team believed that nitric acid may have come from the disintegrating nitrates as the soil sample was treated for evaluation.

“Terrestrial life requires a fixed form of nitrogen for synthesis of crucial biomolecules, and the discovery of indigenous fixed nitrogen in Martian rocks and sediments has implications for the past habitability potential of Mars,” the researchers noted.

What are the important biological ingredients that supports life? Life as we know it here in our planet needs oxygen that is human life. We can’t survive without it. Another very important life supporting substance is methane. This substance help in slowing the blood flow in our intestine for full absorption and utilization of the nutrients found in our food.

It’s found in our atmosphere. According to research it only comprises 0.00017% (1.7 parts per million by volume. Yet it has a very important role in capturing enough heat to keep our planet warm enough to be habitable.

Nitrogen is the most commonly utilized chemical nutrient. It’s responsible in plant food production called photosynthesis. It’s also a critical ingredient of proteins and part of the building blocks of our body which are the amino acids.

The presence of life in Mars has been bolstered by this additional substance plus the fact that Mars could be been home once of a large ocean.



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