Sophie’s Twins: Orphaned But Not Alone

Sophie Burgess, 19, from Telfords suffered septicemia. She died soon after her untimely delivery.

A donation plea for the twins has exceeded its aim of £500, now, it reached over £3000.

Ria Norris, Sophie’s friend, made the donation plea page saying:

“We are raising funds for twins Oliver and Evie who tragically lost their mommy less than 48 hours after they were born. Sophie, 19, was so excited to become a mommy after being told she may struggle to have children. The twins were born nine weeks prematurely weighing just over 3 lb. each and are currently still in the neonatal unit. We hope to raise money in Sophie’s memory so that their dad Alex can use this towards items they may need or to put in a trust fund for the twins as we all know how expensive looking after children can be.”

Sophie gave birth at Wolverhampton’s New Cross Hospital on Wednesday, nine weeks before her scheduled delivery. Although she was sensible, she wasn’t able to hold them.

Sophie was discovered having septicemia. After 48 hours, she passed away.

Ria stated she was astounded at the bigheartedness of those who have donated.

“On behalf of Sophie family and partner I would like to thank you all for your kind words and generosity. When I first set up this donation page I did so just for a few people to donate a few pounds as we had a number of people ask. I never ever thought that everyone would be so generous and thoughtful, thank you all.”

Amanda, Sophie’s mom commended Alex saying he’s an “exceptional dad”.

“Sophie was my only daughter and despite being devastated we are all supporting each other as a family.”Sophie and her boyfriend, Alex, lived at home with me while she was pregnant and we will be helping him alongside his family to bring up the twins when they Get out of hospital.

“He has been an exceptional dad to Olivia and Evie so far.

“We are now planning Sophie’s funeral.”

The medical director, Jonathan Odum stated: “Sadly Sophie developed a severe illness following the birth of her twins from which she deteriorated very quickly.”Despite the best efforts of the medical and nursing staff looking after her, she passed away on a critical care unit a few hours later”.

“The staff in the maternity department and the critical care unit have been deeply affected by Sophie’s death and the trust would like to pass on it’s sympathy and condolences to her family and friends.

“An investigation into the cause of her death is currently being carried out.”





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