Colorado Report: Marijuana Isn’t Delivering the Expected Medicinal Value but its Pot Potency Remains High

Marijuana is a preparation of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa) intended for use as a psychoactive (mind-altering) drug and as a medicine, this is according to a source. It is medically valuable for it aids in the treatment of some illnesses such as nausea, spasticity, glaucoma, and movement disorders. It is also an effective pain reliever, neuropathic pain in particular.

It is obvious that when marijuana becomes statutory, it also gains more authority and influence. Being legal in Colorado, it was subjected to some tests and results show that the product became more potent than it was before and that some contaminants are present in it.

A medical laboratory in the name of, Charas Scientific got some 600 samples or more of the so-called recreational marijuana of Colorado. High levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive, mind-altering compound that produces the high sensation when it is taken, have been found according to the lab’s test result.

Sometime in the past, marijuana sold and bought in the streets typically had THC levels that were below 10 percent, however, the retailed strains in Colorado had an average level of 18.7 percent, and some even went as high as 30 percent.

A spokesperson from the research laboratory expressed that the potency of the product does not exhibit any health hazards when used through smoking but that it would be easy to over-consume its edible form since the effects aren’t as immediate as with smoking.

The samples are said to contain some fungal elements and chemical butane, the researchers revealed. But they are unsure the levels they found would pose health concerns. What is alarming, based on the result, is the lack of cannabidiol, or CBD, the compound found in marijuana believed to have medicinal properties, which can aid in treating depression, anxiety, pain and seizures.

Aside from the medicinal ones, Charas also tested the recreational strains, so this is not very surprising, however, “there is a decent number of people buying retailed marijuana who also want to get some medicinal value in what they are buying,” a company’s spokesman said.






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