Snow Made the First Ever Robotic Contest in the University of New Hampshire More Difficult

The 1st ever Robotics Competition at the University of New Hampshire was a challenging task for the contestants and students in finishing their robots because of the snow. They have to finish their robots within one and a half months. However, the given time frame went along with the winter weather.

A senior contending with a group from Manchester High School Central, Dan Coburn, 17 years old, said that “The hardest part was time. Out of the six weeks we probably had a week of snow days so that knocked us down.”

Opened last Friday, the 1st robotics contest was finished on Sunday. Manchester is one of the 40 groups flaunting their robots for the contest.

This occasion of the robotics contest is only to meet the criteria needed and the endearing group will stand for the University this April for the 1st Championship in St. Louis.

“Recycle rush” was the main topic for this year’s robotics contest. Scores will be based on their patterns in elating plastic totes, skills to pile and skills to put a reused container at the peak of the pile. Therefore, the robots that will participate in the contest should be a total package of ability and creativity.

A put up kit that contains batteries, motors, a control scheme, a computer, and extra gears were given to the participants.

Bedford High School’s Red Storm Robotics team member, Will Ebert, 17 years old, said “We pretty much start from absolutely nothing and we’re able to make an entire robot with our minds and the tools that are given to us.”

“What’s really exciting for us here at UNH is we’ve got 25 engineering and computer science from UNH that are both undergraduate and graduate students that are volunteering in the competition” says Nicole MacMillan, one of the volunteer arrangers of the occasion.


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