Mars One or Mars Gone?

Nothing is for free and that’s for certain. So if Mars One program asks monetary considerations from its candidates it’s not a bad or dishonest proposition. Money moves each candidates up in the ladder. One way of doing it is to buy Mars One merchandises just like what’s being done in a multi-layer marketing.

Lately, with the press actively making a fuss about Mars One program’s alleged real attention, making money by scamming each candidate, the CEO of the Dutch Company Mars One, is making it a rule that each candidate that receives money from the press for an interview,  75 percent should go to Mars One. That won’t endear CEO Bas Lansdorf the more.

He also said that the media reports which accuse him of receiving money from some applicants for them to be included on a one way trip to Mars isn’t true. He said the trip will happen in two years’ time or maybe it will be extended some more. He also denied allegations that the project will cost $35 billion. He said it will only need $6 billion for the trip to continue. He mentioned about his personal integrity as well.

Will it happen or what?

The experts seem to be silent on this. The media is the one making the noise the most. Are they just looking something to write about or they are really concerned about the Mars One project being a farce? Time will tell. The project is mind boggling to say the least. Going to Mars is something not for everyone. The participants’ name will forever be itched in the history of mankind if they make it there and live there and most of all survive there and procreate.

It’s a wait and see game, a long one if I may add. Mars One may still become Mars gone, if the project will be cancelled for whatever reason.


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