Tag Heuer to Launch of Android Wear Smartwatch with Intel

Tag Heuer, a French extravagance group LVMH’s largest watch seller, said to launch a smartwatch soon after this year using Google’s Android operating system in a project with Intel to compete confrontational with the Apple Watch.

Jean-Claude Biver, the responsible chief executive of Tag Heuer declined to present any information with reference to the pricing, functionality and how it had been designed however, they intend it to launch on Thursday that would be the first Android luxury smartwatch in the fourth section.

The Company’s first new main product within five years, the Apple Watch, is owing to set out a sale on the 24th of April and will sort prices from $350 up to $17,000 for an 18-karat gold model. Consumer demand for the device is being intimately watched through competitors and investors around the entire economy.

To work fully, the gadget requires an Apple iPhone to work completely and according to some special analyst, the most liable collection of first buyers will already have an Apple smartphone to be used in their daily activities.

“We believe wearable technology will take off,” spoken by Michael Bell, vice president of Intel’s New Devices unit,  at a news discussion with Tag Heuer at the Basel world watch and jewelry fair.

Intel struck joint ventures with more than a few consumer goods companies in the previous year to develop smart and elegant wearable products, which includes eyewear brand Oakley, produced by Luxottica, watchmaker Fossil, and US fashion brand Opening Ceremony.

Ben Wood, chief of research at CCS Insight utter, “With Apple Watch hits the market, it’s no longer viable for Swiss watch makers to bury their heads in the sand. Now Tag Heuer has transmitted its intention to enter the smartwatch market, we are sure to convinced others will follow.”

“Tag Heuer’s decision to partner with technology companies to deliver a smartwatch … will likely be the first of many similar deals” he continues.

The component of French extravagance group Kering didn’t give any details about the pricing or the time of their launch. Gucci said that on Thursday, it would build up a smartband with i.am with its functions would include phone calls, text messages, emails, music and a lot more.

Though, some magnificent executives remained unconvinced about smartwatches. Marc Hayek, heads of the Swatch Group watch brands Breguet, JaquetDroz and Blancpain, united to the club of luxury executives together with Hermes and Patek Philippe, who told that it’s never on their mind to launch a smartwatch.

“Apple Watch is not a genuine watch but a consumer electronic,” he said to Reuters in Basel on Thursday.
Although the trading remains complicated in Hong Kong, one of his largest markets, Hayek predicts his three brands would take pleasure in similar year in terms of sales growth to 2014.





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