The Number of Pythons in the Everglades are So Many that It’s Going to be ‘Impossible’ to Contain Them Now, Wildlife Expert


The presence of Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades Park is due to pet owners who found no more uses for them and released them there. They’re so big that feeding them would require a lot of effort if not of money. It’s better for them to be self-feeding.  The number of Burmese pythons that has been removed since 2002 from the park was already over 2,000 at the last count.

However, according to park officials that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We can expect therefore thousands more gliding through the watery grounds waiting to ambush raccoon and other mammals that happen to crops their overly large mouth.

How do you deal with these type of animals? Killing them would be the only probable recourse to stop their marauding pace. Will there be animal rights group out there waiting to make noise in order to question any genocidal plans that the government may put in place later.

According to research groups there’s no need for animals right groups to come to the aid of these gargantuan snakes since eradicating them now borders to the impossibility. There’s too many of them to contain.

The poor possums will totally disappear and so with many other animals from the everglades.  The ecological balance will be greatly disturbed.

Research groups have confirmed that the bio diversity of the everglades is being threatened by the pythons.

An experiment was done involving 80 tagged rabbits. Half of it was released in python infested areas and the other half in areas where pythons haven’t invaded yet.

Two thirds of the rabbits were eaten by pythons where they are nesting. Foxes and other predator animals killed some of the rabbits in the other places.

The speed with which the pythons fed on the rabbits is unsustainable according to the experts. Wildlife ecologist Frank Mazzotti told the local media that as of the moment there’s nothing that can be done much to stop the onslaught. There should be a concerted effort to control the population of Burmese pythons in the everglades.

Personally, eradicating them completely would be the best approach. What solution to to use, that’s another thing.



  1. rp421 says

    Why all the hate towards “animal activists”? Many of us are FOR the culling or hunting of invasive species.
    Most environmentalists are not the wackos you make us out to be.

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