A Woman and a Police Officer Finished the 10K Race Last but are Real Winners in the Eyes of the Public

Running the 10 k marathon may not be her cup of tea but just the same Asia Ford decided to take part in it for personal reasons. Despite having a lot of difficulty finishing the race, the last few steps were big enough in getting people inspired more than she could have imagined. It became a source of inspiration for the many who witnessed it.

She managed to lost over 200 pounds in two years. That was a big feat on her part. Why not run in the marathon. She was doing fine doing the run in Louisville, Kentucky, on that fateful Saturday, when she suddenly found it difficult to breathe after crossing the 5 mile marker. The paramedics came to her aide but she told them she’s going to continue. Continue she did and that was an excellent decision on her part

Standing not far was police Lt. Aubrey Gregory who came to her aid. He had a plan which coincided with that of Asia’s.)

“I said, I’m not going to let her stop. We’re going to do this together,” Gregory told NBC affiliate WAVE3. “So I got out and I grabbed her hand. I had to meet this inspirational woman.”

“He was like my angel,” Ford told the NBC affiliate. “He came at the moment I really needed him.”

Crossing the finish line was really a huge struggle but the tandem made it through. The picture of them crossing together have since gone viral. Even Mayor Greg Fischer had them shared in his Facebook page.

It’s not how you run the race, and winning is not always possible but how you finish it that’s also very important. Asia and Aubrey and the countless of others may have known it by now.

Let’s give them both a hearty applause for lighting up our lives even just for that few minutes.



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