McDonald’s Patron Utterly Upset Upon Discovering Facial Shavings in Her breakfast Menu

One of the McDonald’s guests who bought McMuffin for breakfast was left dismayed after finding beard trimmings on her meal.

This made April Gilmour, a 24-year-old from Kilmarnock, felt nauseous as she discovers short, dark hairs littered in the sandwich which includes the egg and sausage. She had been astonish to discover it after ingesting already half of her breakfast snack down

On her disappointments, the mum-of-two spontaneously announced the grubby treat on social media, with thunderstruck of her associates spreading the word of her disgust.

The beautician then wrote on Facebook: “This was my sausage and egg McMuffin from McDonald’s in Kilmarnock this morning. I had eaten half of it and opened it up to put more sauce on and noticed it was full of hair shavings. Disgusting!

“The manager told me they will operate a clean shave policy – well clearly some wee rage has shaved all over their uniform and it’s falling into my breakfast.”

“It’s obviously an accident but I can still feel the sick in my stomach thinking about it.”

The concern manager of the McDonald’s branch continues in investigating with regards of this unexpected incident.

On the other hand, April will no longer drop off and take dinner at this well-known food chain.

Ross, her 25-year-old husband said:”It’s cheap rubbish anyway, but this is even more reason not to buy it. It’s absolutely put us off for life and April felt disgusted in this. She had just got it and had gone to sit and eat it in her car when she found the hairs. She informed the manager who was apologetic, and said he could clearly see the hair in it. April decided to place the picture of it thinking we could inform people.”

On her Facebook page, her appalled friends set out that it was a “man shavings”. One then commented: “That would put anyone off.”

The spokesman of McDonald’s said: “Ms Gilmour has been sent a letter of apology, which should be with her tomorrow”.

“We are sorry for her experience when visiting our restaurant”.

“Food safety is our highest priority and both our restaurants and our suppliers place enormous prominence on food hygiene and following accurate standards in order to evade imperfections in our foodstuffs.

“We have launched an investigation following the reporting of this incident.”



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