In “Wrecking Ball” Mood: Lovely Miley’s Love Life in Limbo, Shows off Some Benjamins and Booty

Patrick Schwarzenegger hasn’t seen on the public lately with the lovely Miley after coming home from his controversial Spring Break journey in Cabo San Lucas.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer, Miley Cyrus, is on her way to Las Vegas for a part at Caesar’s Palace gig after she thoroughly enjoyed her stint in Austin for a stunning SXSW performance jamming with Mike Will Made-it, according to E! News.

The artist’s busy schedule comes on the heels of her boyfriend being at the middle of a cheating hearsay, and whilst we’re informed that the two are still in each other’s arms, there’s still that doubt if Miley is really ignoring Patrick’s calls or not.

“Patrick is extremely frustrated because he’s been actively trying to be very good and to make this relationship work. He’s a really good boyfriend and has been great to Miley. The media has made this seem like he’s been sketchy and a bad guy when he really did nothing. Patrick has been trying to reach Miley since he’s been back, calling her over and over and she hasn’t been answering his calls. He’s very upset and is doing everything he can to try resolve things,” says a source to E! News.

Another informer, however, shares to us another story, saying that the couple have been communicating since Patrick returned from his trip.

On the other hand, Miley has been continuously surprising her fans with several pictures on Instagram including photos of her displaying some Benjamins, going out with her friend Cheyne Thomas and showing her “butt” while in Austin.

Miley’s supporters were mesmerized on Thursday when she belted her hit single “23” before singing her hit party song “We Can’t Stop” during the Mike WiLL Made-It & Friends concert at SXSW.

“This is Texas,” Miley shouted to the audience.
“I don’t know how f–king high you are, but we’re high as f–k up here.”

Furthermore, Miley’s love-life, is in limbo. The duo made headlines after pictures taken of Schwarzenegger being lovey-dovey to a female friend in Cabo where he was spending his Spring vacation, but he has adamantly denied the rumor about him cheating and intimated to his Twitter followers “he would never do anything” to her soul mate. .

“ Totally devastated and heartbroken,” says another source to E! News.
“He doesn’t even know what to do with himself and just wants to hide from the world…He’s so embarrassed and knows he screwed up.”


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