The Molesters Didn’t Find it Funny when the Joke was on Them: “Toothy Face”

Every weapon is affair game especially when you find yourself face to face with two molesters trying to jump on you. Even a smile can be an effective deterrent. Well, what do you know?

Read and learn ladies, you might need one someday, who knows?

A Brazilian lady is battling with tooth and claw to prevent men from sexually annoying her. Debora Adorno has chosen to avoid men by making an outward appearance – called the “Toothy Face” – which has circulated around the web.

Not long after Adorno posted a picture exposing her teeth on Facebook, ladies over the world started copying her, posting selfies with the hashtag #CaretaDoDentinho, generally deciphered as “tooth grimace”.

Adorno composed a long post on her Facebook account about her involvement with inappropriate behavior in Belo Horizonte, saying it had gotten to be troublesome for her to stroll down lanes as men continued scoffing at her, as per a report.

Expressing her distress with men taking a gander at her in a “perverted” way, Adorno said she was anxious they would debilitate her, or even hit her.

Adorno composed in her Facebook page:

“There was nothing I could do because there was no way to stop them,”

“I wasn’t going to yell at all those men and I wasn’t going to call them names out of fear of being assaulted, threatened, abused, a hundred different things… I simply couldn’t.”

Obviously, the face lived up to expectations. “The harassment stopped in a heartbeat and no other guy disturbed me,” she says. “At this point I felt rainbows inside, suddenly I was not the one feeling awkward anymore and I wasn’t the one looking away anymore and I wasn’t the fast-paced one anymore.”

Here’s her advice to all ladies out there, “try the power of the tooth!”


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