Mixed Nuts recalled by Stop and Shop Supermarkets for salmonella Contamination

Stop and Shop Supermarket has announced Saturday that it has voluntarily removed Aurora and Stop & Shop brand walnut and trail mix blend products due to potential salmonella contamination.

Products recalled include:


  • Stop & Shop Walnuts, 6.5 oz., UPC 8826713594, with best if used by dates of 10/29/15 – 12/7/15
  • Stop & Shop Cranberry Health Mix, 21 oz., UPC 8826713692, with best if used by dates of 10/30/15 – 12/13/15
  • Stop & Shop Cranberry Health Mix, 9.25 oz., UPC 8826714713, with best if used by dates of 10/30/15 – 12/13/15
  • Stop & Shop Roasted Salt Mixed Nuts, 9 oz., UPC 8826714736, with best if used by dates of 11/4/15 – 12/13/15
  • Aurora Forest Bounty Grail Mix, 17.5 oz., UPC 65585200496, with best if used by dates of 10/28/15 – 12/13/15
  • Aurora Roasted No Salt Mixed Nuts, 9 oz., UPC 65585200243, with best if used by dates of 11/10/15 – 12/10/15

Luckily, as of to date, there has been no reports of illnesses received to date by the supermarket chain.

Consumption of salmonella-contaminated food causes salmonellosis, a common bacterial food-borne illness.

Salmonella infections can be lethal, especially to those with weak immunity and low resistance, like infants, the elderly and persons infected with HIV or undergoing chemotherapy, reads a press statement.

Diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever within eight to 72 hours are some of its symptoms.  Additional symptoms are chills, headache, nausea and vomiting lasting up to a week.Customers who bought the products above are advised to immediately discard any unused portions and bring their purchase receipt to Stop and Shop for fund.

Several other recalls involving whole and halve nuts has been issued by other stores this week. Salmonella contamination had also been the reason. It seems that there is poor preparation and packing by the producers. Nuts are highly subject to microorganisms adulteration. Pathogens are easily attracted to them especially when they are not dried properly. Moisture and warm environment are the favorite habitats of viruses and bacteria

The recalls are timely. The health inspectors are doing their job.


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