State-of-the Art Virus Diagnostic Device: 100 Percent Symptom Determination in 2 Hours or Less

In less than 2 hours, doctors will be able to diagnose a viral or bacterial infection through a simple blood testing procedure, thus decreasing the necessity for antibiotics for simple infections.

The over usage of antibiotics has led to increased drug resistance for patients suffering from simple infection, according to The World Health Organization (WHO).

In a joint effort to combat the over usage of antibiotics, doctors, pharmacists, and government departments are joining forces.

In collaboration with the company MeMed, Scientists in Israel have developed a diagnostic blood test which determines whether a patient has an acute viral or bacterial infection. The research aims to tackle not only antibiotic over usage but also under usage as well.   24%-40% of all bacterial and viral infections may result in prolonged disease and medical complications, due to delayed or incorrect diagnosis.

In a study of 1,000 patients, between August 2009 and November 2013 from two Israeli medical facilities, scientist discovered that bacteria and viruses trigger different protein paths once they infect the body.

The TRAIL, escalates intensely in the blood of patients infected with a wide range of viruses, but decreased in bacterial infections. Developing an algorithm that “computationally integrates” TRAIL with other immune proteins, the team ably diagnosed with high accuracy the source of the infection.

“Our scientists have figured out how to decode the actions of the immune system doing what it does best, detecting and responding to the precise cause of infection,” Eran Eden of MeMed said.

Approved for clinical use in the EU and in Israel, the pilot test is in distribution in both countries, with plans to go commercial later this year, according to Memed.

With less antibiotic in our system our kidneys won’t have to work very hard in order to filter the excess antibiotic which can easily harm them. Some antibiotics can be very destructive to normal body tissues.


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