Parents of 5 Year Old Disabled Girl Fined by Hospital Administration for Parking in a Disabled Space Because her Wheelchair has no Blue Badge

A doctor, who parked his car in a disabled slot, while bringing his 5 year old daughter in a wheel chair, is calling for the hospital administration to change their policies, when he was slapped with a £90 ticket.

The five-year-old daughter of Dr. Robert Lambourn’s Eloise, is  afflicted with a severe and excruciating type of arthritis, unable to walk, and is using a wheelchair for the past month.

Leaving a note on the car dashboard stating, ‘Hospital appointment – wheelchair user’, Dr Lambourn, 55, together with Eloise went to the Borders General Hospital in Melrose for an appointment.

A parking attendant had refused to discuss the issue of the ticket, despite his daughter being there in her wheelchair, but instead threatened to bring the matter to court if they do not pay up.

Health chiefs now had the cancelled the fine even though, they are sticking to the policy to fine wheelchair users without a blue badge. But the good Dr. Lambourn and his wife, is calling for the hospital bigwigs to revisit their policy which targets ill patients for parking in disabled slots.

“The parking area was fairly full and there isn’t space for a wheelchair by the side of the car,” said Dr Lambourn from Foulden in the Scottish Borders. “I used one of the disabled spaces – I just couldn’t drop her off and leave her by herself. But I left a note on the front dash board. When we got back after about an hour appointment I found a parking notice attached above the sign.”

“I was a mixture of being cross and upset. It’s quite distressing.” as he describes his feeling on the £90 fine.

“You can only have a badge if you have a permanent disability. They should have some flexibility for sick people. I was surprise by the lack of flexibility.”

Dr. Elizabeth Batley, his wife, 41, said the hospital should change their policy of charging wheelchair users who do not have a blue badge. “On review of all the circumstances, this particular parking charge notice has been cancelled,” a spokeswoman from NHS Borders said.

Parking charges may still apply to those “incorrect parking” which includes the use of “disabled spaces if a valid disabled badge is not displayed,” she verified.



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