New hope for “Bubble Boy Seth” as He Eagerly Awaits a Bone Marrow Transplant from Dad

“Bubble boy” Seth Lane, born with a rare condition a severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) disease, which left him with no immunity from germs,  wants to be more than just a boy who lives in a bubble.

Dr. John M. Routes, medical director of Allergy/Clinical Immunology at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, told,  “This condition occurs in approximately 1 in 50,000 live births.”

The five-year-old has been living in isolation for the past few months in Great North Children’s hospital in Newcastle, England, patiently awaiting a second bone marrow transplant.

He hopes to raise public awareness for this rare “ bubble boy disease,”  where the patient is forced to live out his life in a sterile condition, by asking netizens to wear his favorite color – yellow.

His ever supportive parents uploaded a YouTube video of their son holding up the sign to tell his life story and to wear yellow just for 1 day to show their support for him.

“I’m in the hospital. I was born with no immune system (SCID),” a sign read. “I need a second bone marrow transplant.”

Then he showed a sign asking followers to #WearYellowForSeth on March 27.

“Lots of people are going to show me how much support I have,” another sign read. “Do you want to join in?”

The 1 minute and 14 seconds video viewed over 155,000 times, have received more than a 100 comments.

“One of my favorite polo shirts is yellow. I’m down. March 27 is officially Yellow Day. #wearyellowforseth,” Posted one user.

“Well guess what, Seth? Yellow just happens to be my favorite color! I will definitely be participating! Anything for a guy as charming as you! <3,” another one wrote.

“You’re in my heart and prayers, Seth!” one user commented on the video. “I’m wearing something yellow all of March in your honor, buddy!”

Seth’s mother, Leanne, overwhelmed by the support his son is receiving, is thanking everyone for the support on a family blog, emphasizing the role of social media campaign to “raise awareness and show Seth he is not alone in this.”

Despite Seth’s very difficult and frail medical condition, she says he is still a trouper and continues to have a positive disposition.

She wrote in a blog post, “He’s asked to go home a couple of times this week, but accepts it when he’s told he can’t.”

Seth dad, Nik, is his donor, but the road ahead of him is still rough.

His first bone marrow transplant failed but Seth and his family still remains positive and Seth most specially has maintained his sunny disposition.



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