“Sunshine Vitamin” Does Not Lower Your Blood Pressure, Study

Vitamin D derived from the sun’s early morning rays, does not lower high blood pressure, a recent study said.

HealthDay reported a new data review suggesting that vitamin D, a.k.a. “sunshine vitamin” since nutrient is created when skin gets exposure from sunlight, should never be employed as  anti-hypertensive.

A team led by Dr. Miles Witham of the University of Dundee in Scotland, processed scientific trial data and individual patient data regarding the supplementation of vitamin D its effect on blood pressure. Included by the authors are 46 trials with 4,541 participants and individual patient data wtih 27 trials or 3,092 participants.

No effect was witnessed on systolic and diastolic blood pressure due to vitamin D supplementation,  in both clinical trial and individual patient data,

The study concludes,”The results of this analysis do not support the use of vitamin D or its analogues as an individual patient treatment for hypertension or as a population-level intervention to lower BP,”

Conflicting evidence were produced on Intervention studies on the lowering effect on blood pressure of vitamin D. Increasing cases of clinical trials have studied vitamin D and health of the cardiovascular system.

Dr. Robert Rosenson, director of the Cardiometabolic Unit at The Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, who was not involved in the study told HealthDay, “Health claims related to vitamins and nutritional supplements need to be validated in prospective, randomized clinical trials.  Currently, there is a false public perception that certain vitamins or supplement therapies work, warranting the public unnecessary costs, without the necessary scientific evidence supporting their health claims.”

This is bad news to many people who go early sun bathing to give themselves some dose of vitamin D not only to imp[rove their skin but their heart as well. Maybe another study later will say otherwise. Researches have the habit of being changed by other researches.



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