Death Stalks Another ‘Game of Thrones’ Character in Season 5

A star player with a major role in the “Game of Thrones” has recently unearthed a plan that his or her character is scheduled to be killed off in the show’s upcoming season.

The actor or actress, whose identity was kept secret, recently found out that his or her character gets to be finished off in the upcoming season.

The mystery star recalled on the set, that the show runners called her up to inform her that her time is up on the series, reports EW via Cinema Blend.

The mysterious actor/actress was surprise by the call as he/she wasn’t expecting to be booted out of the show.  Having read the book version of the hit series, made him/her realized that the TV show is steering away from it.

He/she recounted that at the start of the series, he/she was made to believe that he/her stint with the hit series would be a longer one.  When he/she made a call to he/her agent the mysterious star discovered that the book version does not tally with the series.

Even Author George R.R. Martin told Cinema Blend that some characters in his books  are well and alive, but unfortunately, these same characters gets to meet an untimely death in the TV series.

The sudden death of the character in Season 5 is not the first time that the hit TV show had veered away from the original story line, the outlet cited.

Mark Stanle, who played the role of Grenn, had a similar experience when his character was abruptly brought to a halt from the series in season 4, according to the outlet.

The character that gets killed in Season 5, played by the mystery actor or actress,  is important enough to warrant the star his/her own trailer, hinted the outlet.

Rolling Stone reported that “Game of Thrones” recently has release new clips showing Tyrion being confronted by Varys.  Another clip shows Jon Snow talking with ManceRayder.

“Game of Thrones” will return to HBO on April 12.



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