A Courteous Request Ended in Profanities Instead:  “Hey handicap! First, never place your hands on my car again. Second…

 An Ohio lady with a prosthetic leg described a response that’s too unbelievable after she wrote a courteous appeal that someone refrain from parking in a space kept just for her.

CBS Columbus affiliate WBNS-TV, stated that a woman from Miamisburg, named Ashley Brady, 26 years old, lost her right leg in a misfortune last year. She knew how to walk for the second time with the prosthetic leg. However, she was having difficulty settling her apartment complex’s parking space in winter environment. So she got the complex to provide her a space close to her unit.

After a few days, she saw someone parked in the space provided for her, and so she left a courteously written note requesting the owner to keep away from her parking space, says WBNS-TV.

The handwritten response Brady saw on her vehicle’s windshield was just too extreme for her.

The response says, “Hey handicap! First, never place your hands on my car again! Second, honey you ain’t the only one with “struggles.” You want pity go to a one leg support group! You messed with the wrong one! I don’t care what your note said shove it, but you touch my car again I will file a report, I am not playing! I let the office know the cry baby one leg touches my property I will cause trouble so go cry your struggles to someone who cares cause I’m walking away with both mine! (Expletive)”

Due to disbelief, Brady said, “I read it probably like five times over and over because my brain just couldn’t even process the level of mean that it was.”

Brady’s sister uploaded a photo of the note on Facebook, hoping to extend consciousness of the conflicts people with disabilities encounter every day. It was widely spread.

Brady filed a complaint with the Miamisburg police. The complex’s management has yet to make a decision of what to do, WBNS says.



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