Diabetes Could Rob You of Good Health and from Finding an Excellent Paying Job

Alison Aubrey shared astonishing facts on the financial effects of diabetes, in an article that appeared first in NPR.    Those who are suffering from the disease are usually paid less or have fewer economic opportunities than those who are not diagnosed.  This trend is occurring both in developing and developed nations. Take for example,  Chinese men who are diabetic tend to have at least 22% lower income than the male general population.

In developed countries such as Canada and the United States, diabetic women are have a 15% less likely chance of finding employment or other economic opportunity than men who  have diabetes. In the United States alone, women patients loses as much as $20,000 potential annual income due to the disease.

Since labor demands can significantly vary among locations, it is unclear though,   the factors that affect income opportunity and ability to land a job for diabetes patients. Till Seuring, the study author from Norwich Medical School in the United Kingdom, however, speculate that it is due to physical activity. For example, men with diabetes, tend to have “diminished physical capabilities.”

The study also includes the medical implication of diabetes.  The lifetime spending in the United States is around $300,000. In Mexico, the cost is at $242 per person per year, but the possible earnings of the sufferer in the country has to be considered.

These costs is expected to continue to increase since the number of diabetes patients can grow 20 years from now to more than 580 million. Today there are 382 million diabetics, and many are still un-diagnosed.

The disease is indeed going to be expensive not only for the country but also for the sufferer himself who has to stand with the possibility of  loss of income or earning smaller income and the high expenses of medications and other treatments that comes with the disease..



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