Obese Women 40% More Susceptible to Cancer than Women with Normal Weight

Obese women have a 40 % higher susceptibility risk of developing cancers which includes womb, bowel and kidney cancer, revealed a new figure.

Obesity known to have a greater risk for women to develop at least 7 different types of cancer, the Cancer Research UK stated.  The following are esophageal, bowel, breast, womb, kidney, gall bladder, pancreatic and post-menopausal cancer.

With obese women having a one fourth chance of developing a certain type of cancer that is somewhat connected to their excessive weight. These latest numbers show just how high this risk is, though.

About 194 will be diagnosed with one of these types of cancer, in every 1,000 women with normal body weight.  But, in the case of 1,000 obese women, this figure shoots up to 274.

Dr Julie Sharp of Cancer Research UK commented and acknowledged that the risk in a person to develop cancer depends on a mixture of things – our environment, genes and our lifestyle. She noted however that a number of these risks are within our control, in particular – our weight.

“Losing weight isn’t easy, but you don’t have to join a gym and run miles every day or give up your favorite food forever. Just making small changes that you can maintain in the long term can have a real impact,” she said.  “To get started, try stopping earlier and cutting down on fatty and sugary foods. Losing weight takes time so gradually build on these to achieve a healthier lifestyle that you can maintain.”

“Helping people to understand how they can reduce their risk of developing cancer ‘remains crucial in tackling the disease’, Dr Sharp added.  “Changes in lifestyle, like not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and cutting back on alcohol, are big chances for us all, to personally reduce our risk of cancer. Making these changes is not a guarantee against cancer, but it stacks the odds in our favor.”




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