Al Gore: ‘Denial Industry’ Should be Penalized

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore has recommended that the deniers of climate change must be penalized during his talk at the main convention in Texas. The ecological advocate, moreover, suggests that officials who neglect climate change science must be penalized too.

Gore addresses at Austin, Texas’ South by Southwest (SXSW) group of conventions and event, figuring out that shareholders are now straightening money to another  power companies, as against to those that entrust in the still-leading but increasingly traditional fossil fuel / carbon producing business. Such market development, Gore said, need to be stepping up by a value to what isn’t preferred.

The “denial industry” persists to disregard the truth, says Gore. Particularly, in addition to “99 percent of the scientists”, he also said that Mother Nature is now reflecting.

Climate Reality Project, a nonprofit established in 2006 that centered on climate change education. His proposition focused on the previous weather activities that may have been set off by human reasons or carelessness.

Displaying a photo of Pope Francis, the monarch of the Vatican City State, who has pushed a climate change “call to arms” between his Catholic Christian companions. Francis wishes to convince the significant December 2015 UN climate forum in Paris. That event will be the peak of decades of discussions and could possibly have a huge effect on international rules.

Initiatives are commencing worldwide even prior to the Paris forum. For example, Gore referred to the state function of Dubai that’s planning to construct a solar power plant. Bangladesh is also insistently establishing solar plates on top of their roofs.

In 2006, Al Gore played in “An Inconvenient Truth,” Academy Award winning documentary movie that focused on the results of climate change. The movie earned approximately $53Million in box office proceeds. Ex-vice president’s coming out at SXSW is only a piece of his ongoing crusade to dishonor those who state that the climate change matter can’t be controlled by humans.





  1. Gibson Elliot says

    “Al Gore has recommended that the deniers of climate change must be penalized” This is a terrifying statement that I hope never materializes. Regardless of your position on Climate Change, there is the right to free speech in America, and so long as the constitution protects that, we should all stand up for that, at the very least! As an EX-VP, who swore to uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, I say, so long as he would have himself referred to as “Vice President Al Gore”, that he continue to reflect that value at least, or should we go back to burning witches, or crucifying those that disagree the planet is flat???

    • joey bagodonuts says

      I somewhat agree with your statement. Ever since SCOTUS ruled that FAUX News lies were protected by the 1st Amendment, seems that the roaches from the far right have been allowed, with impunity, to lie to the ignorant listener that Global Warming is a fallacy and that humanity should stay the course and continue to burn fo$$il fuel$, in order for their fat billionaire benefactors to continue to get fatter!

      That being said, Gore is whacked in the head to even suggest such a stupid, inane punishment. It is up to the 97% of global scientists to continue to prove to the world that the 3% have an agenda, which is being funded by the likes of the Koch Brothers et. al. that the world is all hunky dory and painted in rainbow colors, meanwhile, humanity continues its suicidal madness by deforestation & the burning of fo$$il fuels.

  2. Bryce Canyon says

    What a good little kommissar the gorebot is. Remind me again, how much electricity does the gorebot mansion use?

  3. dudley sellery says

    “Also, apparently Al Gore doesn’t support the idea of open dialog on scientific issues. Nor does he wish to have any formal debate within the political arena.”

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