Cancer Faking Woman Soliciting Donations Charged in Florida

Facing third-degree felony, a Florida woman is charge after she was discovered faking breast cancer and collecting thousands of dollars in donations from her friends and family, reported.

In late 2013, 36 years old Kelly Johanneson, reportedly went missing for a month.  When she returned to her home in Citrus County, Fla., she informed her community she had stage IV breast cancer and had been at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.

Reportedly, after friends and family helped her set up a fundraising page,  Johanneson collected $4,400 as well as other funds raised at an event held in her honor by the Citrus County Airboat Alliance, according to

In September 2014, after detectives received a tip that Johanneson may have been faking her cancer, they spoke with her family members and learned that the woman hadn’t brought any of them to her doctor’s appointments.

Detectives then visited the Moffit Cancer Center, where workers said they’d never heard of Johanneson, when she turned over her medical paper and names of her doctors,

Taking the case, the Florida State Attorney’s Office, the Citrus County woman is now facing charges, a third-degree felony of organized fraud.

“It just seems so implausible that someone would use a horrible illness like cancer for personal gain,” detective John Bergen told “Johanneson hurt so many people, from people that loved her to people that hardly knew her but wanted to help.”

This is not the first time that people are faking their illnesses just to be able to collect money from private individuals, charitable organizations and from the government itself.

The government is really doing great in stopping  these kind of who are people faking their illnesses in order to gain money or make it some sort of a living. The money could be used by those who really need it.



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