Controversial Staffordshire Cancer Care Proposal is Creating a Lot of Ill Will

Cancer care for patients may be privatized in the coming days and its impact is going to be devastating on thousands of cancer patients in the area. Privatization of NHS services will bring companies thirsty for profit and this is going to be a bad news for people suffering from cancer.

Critics of the privatization policy believe that privatization will not just mean poor care to patients, the £700m contract to the private sector ultimately means hospices closed and far less money being spent on treatment.

Following the appearance of a secret document prepared by the four local NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Staffordshire. Reports suggest that at least one company has been appointed as “prime provider” of cancer services.

Reports claim that this ‘prime provider’ will also be responsible for diagnosis, treatment and aftercare, with that firm then sub-contracting more services.

The leaked document that is at least 24-page long and is “Commercial in confidence” seems to be the first to have come out. Experts believe that many more similar documents are going to come out of the closet.

Its critics are attacking the government plan of privatization. Many opponents of privatization like Kate Godfrey claims that the document proves that the winning bidder will be “given ‘discretion’ to design services they would like to deliver, slash spend per patient and propose the payment structures most beneficial to themselves”. He said that the healthcare or “core NHS responsibilities such as radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy could be delivered by the private sector, with no mechanism for patients to seek redress following failures of care”.

More study should be done in order to come with a system that is acceptable for everyone especially those who will be directly affected with it, the patients. The proposal should be endorsed by them, most of all.



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