Norovirus has Caused the Isolation of a Ward at Raigmore Hospital

At Raigmore Hospital a ward in Inverness has been shut to in-coming patients and guests taking after a flare-up of norovirus.

Ward 2A, which manages stroke and rehabilitation patients, has seven patients presently influenced with manifestations. Testing has demonstrated that norovirus is active on the ward.

The infection, which causes looseness of the bowels, sickness and heaving, spreads noticeable all around where somebody has had the runs or spewed and is to a great degree contagious.

According to the consultant microbiologist for NHS Highland, Doctor Jonty Mills:

“By restricting visiting to the affected area it helps hospital staffs protect the health, privacy and dignity of our patients.”

“We would also ask that people do not come to the hospital to visit if they have, or live with someone who has had, any vomiting or diarrhea within the previous 48 hours. By doing so we will be able to limit the spread as much as possible.”

“Hospital staff will of course be very happy to talk to visitors on the phone so they can get updates on how their relatives are.”

A NHS High country representative cautioned: “In the event that you feel that meeting is vital please contact the ward first by telephone before going to the clinic. Kindly don’t visit the ward unless by earlier game plan with the medical caretaker in control.”

There is no particular treatment for a norovirus infection and it is not normally important to visit a specialist. The best thing to do is to stay at home, take paracetamol to assuage manifestations of any fever and to drink a lot of water to counteract lack of hydration. Individuals ought to likewise stick to strict hand washing strategies to decrease the spread of the infection.

Everybody can help minimize the spread by taking after some straightforward tenets:

Do not visit a healing facility if you or somebody you live with has indications. On the off chance that you have a healing facility arrangement, please make a call and, where suitable, your arrangement can be rescheduled.


  • Wait until you have been clear of indications for 48 hours, as you may at present be infectious, regardless of the possibility that you feel well.


  • Wash your hands routinely with cleanser and water, particularly in the wake of utilizing the toilet and before eating.


  • If you visit somebody in the hospital, don’t sit on their bed and keep the quantity of guest one person at a time. Never touch dressings, drips, or other equipment around the bed.


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