Coca Cola Pays Diet Experts to Promote Coke as a ‘Healthy’ Snack Choice

Coca Cola is collaborating with health and nutrition experts to market the idea that its Coke product is ideal for fitness.

Considered as the world’s largest beverage producer, Coca Cola has been criticized recently for being one of the biggest reasons for the high obesity rate in the United States.

Now, the Coke maker is working with diet specialists to suggest that the cola drink is a “healthy” choice, according to Capital OTC.

Amid the February celebration of the American Heart Month, some health and fitness experts posted their recommendations for better fitness, which included a small can of Coke. The specialists advertised the soda as a snack option.

Coca Cola responded vaguely to the issue, not saying explicitly whether they paid the experts for the promotion or not.

“Every big brand works with bloggers or has paid talent. We have a network of dietitians we work with,” said Coca Cola spokesman Ben Sheidler.

The strategy has been used already by other food brands such as General Mills and Kellogg, who sponsor studies that improve their products’ image on the healthy side, according to Star Tribune.

Pepsi also has used the same strategy on its Tostito and Frito-Lay chips, which were advertised on local television segments as a healthy snack choice.

Several online pieces that suggest Coke as a snack are labeled as sponsored articles, which mean that it’s actually more of an advertisement in the form of content.

Some do not approve of Coca Cola’s move to work with nutritional experts.

The group Dietitians for Professional Integrity said that dietitians should be unbiased when working with a food company, regardless of the amount paid.

A regular can of Coke has 140 calories, while the smaller-sized can has 90 calories.

Coca Cola has also the least artificial  coloring ingredients compared to other drinks.  It means it’s the least carcinogenic.



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