The Making of a Bipedal Robot to be the Best across the Globe

In the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory at Oregon State University, researchers are presently planning and designing for ATRIAS which stands for Assume The Robot Is A Sphere to become the greatest bipedal robot across the globe. The robot is modeled as a representation of the fastest two-legged sprinters in the nature world: birds, particularly ones that mainly use up their instance in land, such as chickens.

A robotic specialist and associate teacher in the OSU College of Engineering, Jonathan Hurst said to KGW News, “When this robot gets up to  walking pace, not running even, it will be the fastest bipedal robot in the world.”

The robot’s legs are composed of a lightweight carbon-fiber apparatus that is mounted on fiberglass springs, which accumulate mechanical energy and supply postponement so that it can be as speedy and more supple as possible on irregular ground.

“ATRIAS is designed to move like a simple ‘spring-mass’ model, a theoretical model which is comparable to a pogo stick. This springy model can both walk and run with remarkable energy economy and in a fashion highly similar to humans and other animals. By building ATRIAS like this model, we are targeting similar performance”, according to the website of the Dynamic Robotics Laboratory.

During training, the robot has kept its balance without difficulty while enduring punches, kicks and dodge balls. This preparation is to enhance its capability and promote stability in order to survive.

Technology has also a bigger part in the possible functions in creating prosthetic limbs that can help better imitate normal actions. Researchers that are working on the project feel sure in considering the robot could eventually be used to enter calamity areas that are too unsafe for human individuals.

Everyday, ATRIAS has its own twitter handle and posts first-person updates on its progress. Keep in touch.


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