Several States Not Ready for Palcohol, the Powdered Alcohol Drink

A new product called Palcohol, in the form of powder, much like Tang, was approved today by The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, part of the U.S. Treasury Department. This powdered alcohol that can be stirred into liquid to create mixed drinks.

It’s not the first time anyone has tried to market a product like this, but it’s the first time one has been approved.

The company said it hopes to start selling Palcohol this summer. Here are some questions the company has already answered.

According to Lipsmark, the company that owns Palcohol,  Stir a packet of Palcohol into six ounces of water, stirring constantly to dissolve.  It wouldn’t be easy to spike someone’s drink without them knowing, according to the company, which noted that the product may appeal to people who do not want to carry around heavy bottles, such as people who are going camping.

It comes in vodka, rum, cosmopolitan, “Powderita” (a margarita flavor) and lemon drop. Four varieties were approved today, but it’s not clear which ones.

You get the alcohol content of a normal mixed drink, according to Lipsmark, when mixed with six ounces of water,

Some are sweetened at 80 calories per bag, Lipsmark said. So a completed drink’s calories depend on the mixers added to it.

The state of AlaskaLouisianaSouth CarolinaVermont , Virginia and other states want to prohibit the sale of powdered alcohol. They fear that people will sneak the it into venues and other places that prohibit alcohol.

Lipsmark said the 4-by-6 inch packet would be larger than a small bottle of liquid and therefore harder to sneak in. But they acknowledge when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Lipsmark says Palcohol would be hard to snort. Not only does it have the burn of alcohol, but it would take an hour to snort a “shot” of vodka, according to today’s release addressing concerns about the product.



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