Two Gold Fish were Treated for Cancer to Get Another Chance at Life

All of God’s creations have the right to survive and get medical treatment, even fishes do. This is what the doctors were trying to do to save a couple of goldfishes from their struggle against cancer. For many, this might be just another of one of those “unique stories. But what we have here is the struggle for life of two of our water dwelling fellow creatures.  The owner, the doctors and the people behind this very noble cause should be highly commended.

Star and Nemo was suffering from cancer for some time now. And it is hard for Gordon to see the fish suffering from it. So she decided to do something about it. No matter what the risk would be in order to save the life of her two dearest fish.

The generous owner saved the life of two goldfish that were suffering from cancer. After rescued from a hundreds of pounds life-saving surgery, the two goldfish have made a full recovery and now they are back in their tank happy.

The operations to save Star and Nemo are thought to have cost closed to £500. But the owner never hesitate to save two of her dearest pet.

The operation was too tricky, but the Vets from Inglis Veterinary Hospital in Fife made to removed a cancerous eye from Star and cutting out a lump from Nemo.reports the Daily Record.

The Surgeon  Brigitte Lord said: “ This is a highly specialist field.”

“Using anaesthetic on a goldfish carries a very high risk and I’m delighted for the owner that everything went OK,” she added.

Janie Gordon, from Dollar, Clackmannanshire, owns the fish, Star and Nemo.

Gordon said: “I know it seems like a lot of money for goldfish but what was the alternative?”

Janie’s daughter Abby won Star at a funfair and she bought Nemo to keep him company.

Both fish have recovered and are back in their tank in Janie’s kitchen.




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