CQC Report: Both Care Homes Run by the Orders of St John Care Trust in Oxfordshire Violated Standing Rules

Two care homes that run by St John Care Trust in Oxfordshire breached its care regulations and put resident’s safety at risk according to health watchdog.

Recent reports from the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the two care homes, located in Bicester and Didcot that runs by the Orders of St John Care Trust deemed to have inadequate or required improvement to avoid health risk from the resident living in the home care.

After a thorough inspection made by CQC in December last month, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) published its first report into the ‘The Meadows’ care home in Didcot.

The watchdog had received several complaints about “how people’s pressure area care was managed, the levels of staffing and the cleanliness of the home.”

As a result of investigation, inspectors found out four breaches of the Health and Social Care Act.

The CQC said that the effectiveness of the service was inadequate and all other areas required improvement.

Last Friday the watchdog also published a report into Bicester care home Langford View, which also requires improvement in three areas.

According to the report, people’s medicines were not always administered and recorded safely.

The 58-residents at the care home which specializes in dementia care and inspectors were worried that “people may not have received their prescribed medicines”.

For the record, The Orders of St John Care Trust operates 23 care homes across the county. If their two care homes breached inadequate behavior, how about the rest of its care homes worldwide? How can we be sure if the rest care homes are acting its responsibility?

Even though staying in care homes, management should also be responsible of the possibilities that resident’s safety and health should be at stake or taken care of.

The report is timely. Corrections should be done immediately and without delay.


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