Life Begins at 34 and not 44

People would always refer to middle age as the beginning of the best years of our lives. We’d be in our forties then. We will have solid jobs, wife, children, beautiful house and a  car. For some a mistress. According to latest study, it starts earlier than that.

According to the new research and study, it reveals that the happiest year of our life begins when we turn 34.The age where we are starting to change new things in according to how we take a balance manage onto each of our own physical and social life.

This would be a great news for Kimberly “Kim” Kardashian West, a social media personality, socialite, and model in American television who just turned 34 years old last October 21, 2014, the same with Paris Hilton, also one of the most prominent singer and place an important role in American television. Together with Justin Timberlake that was on January 31,1981 could not forget to be the happiest they will ever be.

A detailed study of 2,000 over-40s asked people to reflect on their levels of happiness through different stages of life and compiled the key factors for each decade. Results showed age 34 as the happiest year for people on average – ticking boxes such as tying the knot, having kids and making decent strides in a chosen career. It was also found that this is the perfect age where we are already in a pleasant and unworried life. This is the time where we earn enough money to get on the property ladder, meet monthly payments with confidence and begin starting to enjoy the finer things in life.

Meanwhile, others thought their 20s were the happiest time of age, cited the freedom of social life and enjoyed in their career progression. Those that choose a year in their 40s enjoyed most in watching their kids grow and getting larger homes, while those in their 50s pointed to work winding down, the kids leaving home, paying off the mortgage and even getting a new start after a divorce. The study also found those choosing a year in their 60s as their happiest year so far said the ability to retire, travel more and finally relax as crucial boosts to a positive outlook. With the average age we’re happiest coming out in the mid-thirties, it suggests that the feeling of being settled in your work and personal life while still looking to the future is important. A key reason behind being most happy includes ‘meeting someone you fell in love with’ which appeared in the happy moments for 20s, 30s and 40s, while ‘getting married’ appears in every decade. People were most likely to state that they had become happier as they had grown older rather than the other way round.

Nigel Fisher, MD of home security Yale said: “The results show the range of the many happy times experienced by people throughout the different stages of life”. “Getting on the property ladder was a recurring theme throughout the study and the age a person gets their first home often correlated with the happiest year they choose”, he added. The study reminds us of the many treasured memories and experiences we had at every stage of life and the foundation of it was that reliable and secure life. That sense of a permanent home and place create new and unforgettable memories making us content in our existence. This is a big part of the study and it is always important to protect them as they should always be a priority.




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