Madonna’s Top of the Chart “Rebel Heart” Recording

Madonna, who is well liked by people on its best hits in boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music and imagery in her music videos, takes an early lead in the chart race this week. She is on track to have her 12th number one album in the UK as Rebel Heart. According to the Official Charts Company, the outselling of this leading-edge album can nearly compete with Noel Thomas David Gallagher’s High Flying Birds “Chasing Yesterday”, his first studio album since his departure from Oasis in August 2009.

This great widely spread privilege of her would be a nice pick-me-up for Madonna after her fall down a flight of stairs at the Brit Awards during a spectacular wardrobe malfunction. Behind all of this unexpected trouble on stage, Madonna tried to got up and continue on its show, bringing its best to the crowd. Fans applauded the 56-year-old’s professionalism as she stood up, clearly injured, and finished the performance.

Madonna has been promoting Rebel Heart with some dubious artwork on Instagram; including a cartoon of her kissing Disney princess Snow White captioned “girl power”. She also posted pictures of “rebel hearts” including Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Martin Luther King and Elvis Presley, with black cord wound around their faces imitating her album cover. In response to criticism of the images, Madonna wrote on Facebook that she was not comparing herself to the icons but “admiring and acknowledging their Rebel Hearts (sic)”.

This album would inspire a lot. It reflects on how affection should be taking care of, and showing life is a river of failures and succeeds. No matter what happens, each of us would grow in full earnest and happiness. Madonna added, “I’m very flattered and I hope one day to live up to 1 100th of what those people accomplished,” she added.


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