“The Bachelor” Season 19 in Review:  “After the Final Rose”

Last night’s “Bachelor” finale followed in the same vein as the rest of the season: it was infinitely predictable and played it safe the whole way, but was cute to watch.

Prince Farming hasn’t been the most exciting or articulate bachelor to ever hold the title, but after the group that was Juan Pablo’s season and the quick Josh/Andi breakup, he brought a much-needed amount of sweetness and romance back into the show.

Here are the major highlights of Monday’s three hour extravaganza:

-Lots of soap opera drama over Chris’ indecisiveness and Becca’s tepid feelings over the two hours leading up the proposal (which took place in a barn, just in case anyone didn’t know at this point that he lives on a farm).  But when the time came, the decision to choose Whitney as his fiance seemed to come easily for Chris. Not only was the proposal cute, but both his break-up with Becca and their reunion during “After the Final Rose” were mature and free of drama. It wasn’t the most exciting resolution, but it was heartwarming, and the “Bachelorette” reveal made up for the lack of shock value.

-Chris’ family fell head over heels for Whitney and were clearly not feeling the same for Becca. It was so openly discussed that, had Chris picked Becca, she would have felt real weird around her in-laws for a very long time. Everyone was gleeful when Chris dumped her. Even Becca, who actually seemed really okay with losing Chris (probably because of her complete lack of feelings for him?).

-Finally, Chris Harrison’s promise of something shocking during “Rose” turned out to be related to the next bachelorette. Or, as it turns out, the next bachelorettes. In a fresh but probably doomed twist, the producers decided to invite both Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson to join the upcoming season. Britt, who was surrounded by drama all season and made a lot of enemies for herself, was all smiles during the announcement, probably because Kaitlyn was the obvious choice and Britt now gets a free ride to her costar’s popularity. Kaitlyn, meanwhile, made pretty much no effort to hide how little she wanted bring to Britt to “The Bachelorette” with her, keeping things lighthearted but calling the arrangement “less than ideal”. Bless you, Kaitlyn. You are too real for this reality show life.



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