National No Smoking Day – 7 Pointers on how to Clean Your Lungs and Regain Your Health


On average in Staffordshire more than 19,000 people in every 100,000 smoke, according to Staffordshire County Council. Will you be looking to give up the habit for No Smoking Day? Here are some tips to help you get you through the difficult process.

1. Pick your date to stop smoking: Successful quitters have found that you are more likely to succeed when you have a date in mind. Picking a quitting date will help you to focus, get rid of smoking equipment like ashtrays and lights to make it more difficult for you to restart.

2. Avoid alcohol and coffee: Lots of smokers link their smoking together along with drinking alcohol and coffee. Try and avoid these triggers whilst you are trying to quit.

3. List your triggers for smoking: Do you smoke on your way to work? or are you a social smoker? Listing your triggers will help you to address your habit.

4. Focus on why you want to quit?: For most people it will be the obvious health benefits of quitting that will be the main focus, but think about the expense of buying cigarettes, how much could you save by giving them up?

5. Look into substitutes: Try top-smoking medications like a gum or a patch, tablets or e-cigarettes. Champix a table that reduces smoking urges is a popular choice.

6. Take more exercise: Taking more exercise will get your heart rate up and will reduce your desire for a cigarette.

7. Find support: You have more chance of success if you have help to give up. You can find a list of stop smoking services at NHS choices.

One thing is definite, you can’t do it on your own. You need the support of your family and friends to be able to quit smoking entirely.

Cigarettes are highly addictive we know that. Doing it alone is almost impossible but possible.


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