Android Wear with Extended ios for ipad and iphone


Google is currently preparing for the release of their new app Android Wear to be available on their App Store soon for both iPhones and Ipads, reported by 01net.

A conference of Google’s I/O will be held in May, claims by the French technology website, this regards to the announcement of the Android Wear with the extended and latest operating system.

However this is still dependent on the selling pattern of the competitor’s Apple Watch. According to the report, Google is exploiting on the idea that many users of iPads and iPhones who do not plan to buy the Apple Watch which is due for release in April.

This may be plan by Google when a video of an Android Wear which was use with an iPhone for numerous information were viewed on YouTube last month. In the meantime, popular Android Wear smart watches like Motorola’s 360, Samsung’s Gear Live and LG’s G Watch have been limited to go with such smartphones which run on Android version 4.3 or higher, like LG’s G3, HTC’s One M8 or the Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

‘ Requirement for pairing an Android smartphones with a smart watch is an authentic app of Android Wear found on Google’s Play Store.

Though 01net belongs to one of the famous and widest technology publications located in France that reported the Android Wear but eventually it has not yet been confirmed by the other possible origin.

Its accuracy has yet to be checked with regards to the exclusive report by 01net. Although word is spreading that Google is known for freely looking into crossing platform compatibility and has various selections of different useful apps on the App store. We don’t know maybe one day, soon Google will come up with an Android Wear for an iOS application. And there’s no stopping for Google to make things happen.




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