8GB Apple Watch have Serious Storage Limitation

All versions of the Apple Watch comes with an 8GB of storage, from the $349 Sport model to the $17, 000 gold Apple Watch edition. This timepiece can hold up to 2GB total in music and 75 MB of photos that will be save on the wearable device’s photo app. Apple Watch native storage can be employed without being paired with an Apple iPhone.

Apple Watch users can listen to tunes while going for a jog and leaving their iPhone at home, so it is not a hassle free bringing two devices while going for a jog. And you don’t want to mess with your sweaty hands on your phone. The available 2GB of storage intended for music will allow you to keep about 200 tunes on your wrist. Mostly users manage their music by syncing with the Apple Watch app that comes with iOS 8.2.

With regards to savings images, Apple Watch users are allocated 75MB of memory to save photograph. When you import a photo to your Apple Watch, it will automatically optimized to fit its size to the smaller watch screen. But then because of its required less space, one estimates to suggest that there are only over 100 pictures that will fit on the Apple Watch’s native storage.

In the time being, some of the leftover 6GB on the Apple Watch device will be use to store resources for apps that are being used. Currently, resources that comes from the iPhone that you are pairing with your Apple Watch are sent directly to the timepiece when an app is being in use. But no worries when using the timepiece in the future, since Apple will launched its new scheme for the native SDK soon enough.

The company always have the knack of bouncing back and grabbing the market share for itself once more. Remember it has overtaken Samsung in the mobile business again this year.




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