Chopstick Lodged in Boy’s Brain for 10 Days Suffering No Permanent Damage

A nearly 2 years old Chinese boy accidentally lodged a piece of  chopstick lodged inside his head for more than a week and is recovering quite nicely after doctors surgically removed a 2 ½ inch portion of the eating utensil from the toddler’s infected brain.

CCTV America reported in late January that the boy from Chaoyang City in Northeast China’s Liaoning province inadvertently stuffed a chopstick up his nostril when he accidentally fell on the instrument while eating a meal.

The Hanghang toddler had been eating chow mein with his parents when the accident happened, and his mom and dad removed the visible portion of the chopstick from their child’s nose before taking him to a local hospital for an examination, according to the Daily Mirror.

Doctors didn’t give the boy an X-ray and released him, only to have his parents bring the toddler back 10 days later complaining that their child felt drowsy and mentally fatigued, CCTV reported.

Li Shaoyi, an attending doctor at Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University, told the state news organization, “Half of the chopstick was totally stuck in his head from his nose.  They only took out the visible half of the chopstick and the other half which was lodged in his brain was still stuck in it.”

CCTV reported further that medical officials completed the procedure on Tuesday and reported that the boy had made significant progress but needed to stay in the hospital a little bit longer to treat his brain infection.

Luckily the chopstick hit a non-functional section of the brain and no permanent damage is observed, doctors told the TV channel.

Last year, a 2-year-old Chinese boy from Wuhan in Hubei Province accidentally jammed a chopstick inches into his skull, but physicians removed it successfully.

How the first doctor committed such a horrible mistake, missing the chopstick entirely is beyond my imagination.



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