878,000 Altima Vehicles in North America Recalled by Nissan for Possible Secondary Hood Latch Failure

Around 878,000 Altima vehicles have been recalled by Nissan in North America because of the likelihood of a secondary hood latch failure, as per official documents.

The secondary latch, which is designed to keep the hood of a vehicle down if the essential lock is either not locked in or falls flat, keeps the hood of an auto from flying open and hindering a driver’s perspective while in travel. In any case, Nissan has found that Altima vehicles from model years 2013 to 2015 – particularly ones produced between the dates of March 6 2012 and December 31 2014 – may have secondary latch that won’t hold up to the weight and could fall flat.

The Japanese automaker has yet to discover why the issue is happening or what steps need to be taken with a specific end goal to redress the matter. Nissan likewise says it can’t announce with any kind of certainty that the North American review won’t have to be extended again later on. Be that as it may, a Nissan representative guaranteed Altima holders that they ought not be in an any threat of the hood flying up the length of they don’t leave the essential hood discharge fixed before driving or force the essential hood discharge once they start driving.

As such, the auto producer hasn’t gotten any reports of accidents or wounds as an aftereffect of the issue. Notwithstanding, there have been a couple of occurrences of a hood flying up that prompted harm to vehicles.

The Altima is one of the smash hit brands for the organization, particularly in the United States; one out of each four Nissans sold in the US is an Altima. For January and February of 2015, it was the second smash hit vehicle in the US showcase, with just the Toyota Camry overshadowing it in deals numbers.

Nissan concluded – probably – that any Altima models made from January 1 2015 aren’t influenced by the deformity. The new review, which includes onto the 238 Altima cars reviewed in North America in October of a year ago, includes 640,000 more autos in the US and Canada. The organization will be assessing and greasing up secondary hood latch assemblies to ideally redress the problem.


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